WTF?! (Where’s the Federalism)

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare on Thursday. I was hopeful that Thursday’s ruling would be favorable for conservatives. However, this court has had as much of an appetite for limiting the federal government as Michael Moore has for greens and sugar free ice cream.

In the Arizona case, it has been argued that the Federal government actually back pedaled on the 10th amendment. Something that I didn’t know was possible considering that for all intents and purposes, we needn’t have the tenth amendment.

Honestly, if the court upholds Obamacare in any meaningful way…we are screwed.

And I am not talking about our healthcare. If the Roberts court doesn’t curtail the commerce clause, the Feds killing grandma will be the least of our concerns.

Our Republic (we still do have a Republic right?) is founded on several governing principles, the least of which isn’t: The most effective governing happens closest to the people.

This first principle of self-governance is so vital to the success of our Republic that every other issue fails in comparison. Here are just a few examples:

DOMA wasn’t just about preventing gays from marrying, it was about respecting a states right to decide that issue. If you live in Columbus but hate our constitutional gay marriage ban, you shouldn’t be able to go to NY, get “married” and then try and usurp your fellow citizens and move back and DEMAND that they cow-tow to your whims.

If you don’t want a strip club next to your high school, your local community should be able to stamp out that particular expression. If we give up states rights, the right of community standards won’t last much longer.

Your local city should be in charge of determining how many fire fighters and police officers you need to maintain a safe community…not some overpaid bureaucrat in the Capitol in the name of “safety standards.” This accounts for an unfunded mandate. They tell you that you need a brand new fire truck and 2 more firefighters or else your whole town will burn down!!!! Then your local pols use that to…1. Squeeze more state funding 2. Squeeze more local funding. You end up with a really safe town from fire…but your kids can’t spell fire because your school funding suffers or worse…you have to consolidate resources so your local control is now handed over.

And now, a state law can’t match a federal law IF the Feds can prove they have a vested interest…(Here’s a hint: They always have a vested interest!)

Unfortunately, our response has been to give more funding and more control to the upper echelons of government. This upward trend is dangerous and now brings us to where we are today…


That isn’t a self governance solution! ONE man should never have the power to sink or swim the entirety of the Republic. But it is that way because we keep pushing funding and control UP. Instead of securing both down.

We should pay the least taxes to the Feds and the most to the local government, but for most of us, the inverse is true. Until we start demanding TRUE reforms to this…whomever we elect to DC won’t make a hill of beans difference. We merely start shifting the WHEN our Republic fails instead of talking about IF.


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