Why is the Media Always Silent?

Big story over at ViralRead about the death of a 29 year old in Maryland due to complications from a late term abortion:

Morbelli died Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in suburban Montgomery County, Md., after undergoing a late-term abortion performed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. Pro-life organizations including Operation Rescue have reported that Morbelli arrived at the clinic late Sunday, Feb. 3, and returned to the clinic for the next three days, including a nine-hour visit on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Morbelli was reportedly rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning and died hours later after suffering “massive internal bleeding,” Operation Rescue reported.

As Stacy McCain has pointed out, there are only 4 countries that allow these operations of death: China, North Korea, Canada, and the United States. Not the greatest company to be in.

The big question is, why the lack of media interest in this?

The answer is, in my opinion a sordid one.

This case displays the true face of abortion in the United States. Not a down on her luck type who was raped and then had a massive burden. She was a married kindergarten teacher who had a planned pregnancy…but she got a “bad test.”

It is sickening. It is wrong. It is selfish. It is sinful.

And it is a effing shame that we don’t put a stop to this practice which, when all the blowhards and emotionalists stop bloating, really comes down to people being selfish.

I have friends who have children with special needs. I have friends who have received those bad tests. But instead of running away chicken from a “problem,” they embraced the fact that God granted them a gift. And their gift just happened to be a little more fragile than others. But that only meant it needed more care not discarded in a dumpster in Maryland.

And that is why the media doesn’t care. It doesn’t fit their narrative that women only have abortions because there is no way that this child could be loved by anyone.

It doesn’t fit the narrative that abortion doctors are kind and compassionate. They aren’t. IF they were a really good doctor, they would be saving lives not destroying them for profit. They do it because it is the only thing in society they are really capable of doing.

There is a parable that says if you get sprayed by a skunk…don’t be mad at the skunk…they spray that is what they do.

We really shouldn’t be so shocked at this story. An abortion doctor killed someone. They kill. That is what they do.

Who we should be upset with is ourselves for allowing the lies to continue to fester that abortion is sometimes needed. Let’s put the animals out of business. Let’s abolish a moral travesty.

Who we should be pissed at is the church who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in defense of the unborn. And let me be clear, giving a sermon once a year around the anniversary is pittance.

Let’s End This Killing Now.

President Obama railed about how the victims of Newtown deserved a vote in Congress. Amazingly…the most innocent and fragile amongst us aren’t allowed to have their vote. Because our Constitution (as interpreted by the Supreme Court) guarantees the right to exterminate them.

Mr. President. These precious souls deserve a vote. They deserve 5th amendment protections.



3 Responses to “Why is the Media Always Silent?”

  1. Stacey February 18, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    I agree with a lot of what you have said about the senseless murders and it being something we need to fight for. But I dont, however, believe that the church has sat by and as you said “done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in defense of the unborn.” That is a severe exaggeration. Yes, the church could always do more but there are many people passionately devoted to this cause. The church should not always be viewed as some massive institution that isnt accomplishing something. The church is just a collection of believers who should all be serving God by his very personal leading. It is a responsibility we all share so dont just blame the church, blame yourself as well since you are in fact a part of the church. The killing does need to end but its not gonna take a demeaning post to change this issue, its gonna take action. There are always two sides to every story and hurting people hurt people. Every body in this equation meaning mothers, fathers, doctors, organizations, and politicians needs love, forgiveness, witnessing, and most importantly prayer. Regardless of what they have done or are doing, God loves them and has a purpose for their lives. We luckily get to be a part of that redemptive purpose and should not take any aspect of this call lightly.

    • NJM February 18, 2013 at 10:19 am #

      I do blame myself as a part of the church. And once a year sermons and a lack of support for unwed mothers is effectively doing nothing. I was also speaking of the Church (with a capital C) as opposed to the few churches who take this issue seriously. You are very astute that God has called us to be a part of the redemptive process. Unfortunately, there are churches who don’t even acknowledge the need for redemption in this area and who are afraid to address it. I just wish that churches fought abortion clinics with the same fervor with which some fight strip clubs. When George Tiller was in church leadership at his local church and when pro-abortion politicians are allowed to take communion in their local parishes, there is massive work that needs to be accomplished. This, along with human trafficking is the moral clarion call of our times. It should be the subject of many sermons. We should understand what these issues say about the moral underbelly of our culture. And the Church should accept its culpability in allowing that culture to take hold. Your point is well taken, it was an exaggeration. But hopefully, this will spurn some action on all fronts.