Voter Fraud: How We Fight It

I want to preface my post by stating that Obama won the election. He will continue to be our President. I don’t feel he “stole” the election. Even IF we adjusted for the abnormalities in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida… it wouldn’t have made a difference. However, if we don’t work to control the abnormalities…the chances that a future election is tainted is high…

Voter integrity is vital to our Republic. The quickest way to dampen turnout is to make people feel that their vote doesn’t count. Or that the other side will just get the result they want.

A couple of things first: 1. Every eligible voter who registers to vote…should have the opportunity to vote. 2. There is nothing wrong with verifying that an eligible voter is a. eligible b. who they say they are.

Wood county Ohio is back in the new because a miracle happened on Tuesday. 108% of ELIGIBLE voters in the county voted.

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.

In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

The national voting participation was down nationwide. But in many areas, the amount of people voting exceeded the eligible population NOT the registered population! Amazing. There were precincts in Cleveland and Philadelphia in which Obama received 100% of the total vote. St Lucie county in Florida also had over 100% participation as well. We have to stop living in denial that people vote who aren’t eligible to vote. It happens. It happens on both sides. A friend of mine went to vote on Tuesday and discovered they weren’t registered. This was caught and they weren’t allowed to vote. Good. But fraud is made a lot easier considering a couple things:

Lack of Photo ID/citizenship verification laws

Only 4 states require photo IDs to vote. To buy alcohol and cigarettes? You need a photo ID. To vote? Nope. Take, for example, Ohio. You need identification, but you only need a utility bill with your name on it. So, if you are a non-citizen who happens to pay a gas bill? You are in. In Florida, they request a photo ID, but if you don’t have one? It is not required.

Early Voting/No Fault Absentee

I loathe early voting. For a variety of reasons. I think there is something special about the whole nation going together on one day and voting. IF you have a reason you can’t vote…you do absentee. Does it require pre-planning? Yes. But this is the most serious thing an adult citizen does in our Republic. Also, this year…hundreds of thousands of Americans voted before the first debate. Not to mention, when it comes to fraud, the states just don’t have the resources and man power to accommodate 30+ days of voting and guard the integrity of the election. Also, for people who hate that campaigns cost so much money. Remember the GOTV efforts for 30+ days cost a lot more than 72 hours. And the extended voting means that ad buys have to be done sooner and more robust to catch voters before they vote. Can’t we all agree that if an eligible voter can’t fill out a basic registration form, present proof of identity and citizenship, and can’t drag themselves to the polls on election day (one day every 4 years for the Presidential election) they probably shouldn’t be voting.

Military Voting

Each military installation and station overseas (even in war zones) have secure internet that can handle voting. Why don’t we do this? We have the ability to sign in with our IDs and do briefings. How hard is it to just allow electronic voting through secure channels?

Voter Roll Integrity

People die, people move, people move then die. When these things happen, they should be removed from the voter rolls. The problem is that secretary of state doesn’t always receive the death certificates (especially if you die in another state) and people who move typically just register to vote in their new state but that information doesn’t get to the old state. Also, students are not, by definition, permanent residents. That is what happened in Wood county, it is a college town. A lot of those students who voted there are not eligible to do so…but they do…

I feel that we should oppose early voting, make photo IDs mandatory for voting, put systems in place to determine citizenship of voters, and allow states to communicate freely about voter rolls (they aren’t currently allowed to). This would ensure fair elections without controversy.


The Other McCain talks about these statistical improbabilities. (Note: You can’t spell statistical without statist)

He Links Dan Collins


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