Why I Support #CPAC UPDATE

There is a rather big uproar (mostly fabricated) regarding CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and their decision to not accept GOProud as an sponsor again this year.

Most of the uproar is centered around how CPAC is “banning gays” from the conference. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. And this is really more about GOProud as an organization than it is about many conservative’s sexual orientation.

Of course there is more to the story.

GOProud burst onto the scene in 2009 promising peace, love, and per fiscal conservative happiness. They sold us on being an organization that would coalesce gay conservatives around fiscal conservative values that we all share. They said that they were going to eschew the typical “gay agenda” for more fiscal fare.

In short, they came in with such a flare that it was nothing but a giant eff you to the social conservative wing of the party. And it was touted as such.

Then they started in on gay marriage, don’t ask don’t tell, and DOMA.

Beyond that, they haven’t even really done that much for the movement.

Just take a look at their House endorsements in 2012. The incumbents whom they endorsed averaged a 62.26 on ACU’s scale in 2011. Out of the 17 incumbents they endorsed, only five (5!) scored above 70.

Which leads to an even bigger point. It is said that conservatism is a three-legged stool. With social, fiscal, and national security conservatives in each leg. But reading twitter you wouldn’t think it. You would think that all these fiscal conservatives can just run the movement on their own and get whomever elected without any help from Christian conservatives.

After GOProud burst in like a fifty ton elephant. Major players on the right jumped the CPAC ship. Heritage being among them. And several others. And it wasn’t just about GOProud, they were the proverbial straw. Many conservatives were tired of going through the many booths and finding many questionable sponsors and exhibitors with seemingly very little in the way of vetting.

So, the CPAC leadership decided to vet more closely. Last year, it wasn’t just GOProud who got the “axe.” The John Birch Society did as well. As far as I know, they haven’t been invited back either. I don’t hear a big uproar about how CPAC is banning birchers from attending. Why? Because. Just. Because.

When it comes to my general philosophy about the movement, I am a as long as people are shooting bullets at the enemy…they are on my side.

I have been dodging quite a few bullets from GOProud.

Pardon me if I don’t spend the day threatening boycotts or engaging in hysterics.


I updated the link for the fabrication.

Why is the Media Always Silent?

Big story over at ViralRead about the death of a 29 year old in Maryland due to complications from a late term abortion:

Morbelli died Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in suburban Montgomery County, Md., after undergoing a late-term abortion performed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. Pro-life organizations including Operation Rescue have reported that Morbelli arrived at the clinic late Sunday, Feb. 3, and returned to the clinic for the next three days, including a nine-hour visit on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Morbelli was reportedly rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning and died hours later after suffering “massive internal bleeding,” Operation Rescue reported.

As Stacy McCain has pointed out, there are only 4 countries that allow these operations of death: China, North Korea, Canada, and the United States. Not the greatest company to be in.

The big question is, why the lack of media interest in this?

The answer is, in my opinion a sordid one.

This case displays the true face of abortion in the United States. Not a down on her luck type who was raped and then had a massive burden. She was a married kindergarten teacher who had a planned pregnancy…but she got a “bad test.”

It is sickening. It is wrong. It is selfish. It is sinful.

And it is a effing shame that we don’t put a stop to this practice which, when all the blowhards and emotionalists stop bloating, really comes down to people being selfish.

I have friends who have children with special needs. I have friends who have received those bad tests. But instead of running away chicken from a “problem,” they embraced the fact that God granted them a gift. And their gift just happened to be a little more fragile than others. But that only meant it needed more care not discarded in a dumpster in Maryland.

And that is why the media doesn’t care. It doesn’t fit their narrative that women only have abortions because there is no way that this child could be loved by anyone.

It doesn’t fit the narrative that abortion doctors are kind and compassionate. They aren’t. IF they were a really good doctor, they would be saving lives not destroying them for profit. They do it because it is the only thing in society they are really capable of doing.

There is a parable that says if you get sprayed by a skunk…don’t be mad at the skunk…they spray that is what they do.

We really shouldn’t be so shocked at this story. An abortion doctor killed someone. They kill. That is what they do.

Who we should be upset with is ourselves for allowing the lies to continue to fester that abortion is sometimes needed. Let’s put the animals out of business. Let’s abolish a moral travesty.

Who we should be pissed at is the church who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in defense of the unborn. And let me be clear, giving a sermon once a year around the anniversary is pittance.

Let’s End This Killing Now.

President Obama railed about how the victims of Newtown deserved a vote in Congress. Amazingly…the most innocent and fragile amongst us aren’t allowed to have their vote. Because our Constitution (as interpreted by the Supreme Court) guarantees the right to exterminate them.

Mr. President. These precious souls deserve a vote. They deserve 5th amendment protections.



My SuperBowl Pick

footballAlright, here is hoping that I can at least salvage .500 for the playoffs.

I am entering this weekend 4-5-1 against the spread and 6-4 straight pickem.

In fantasy world, I jumped to 5th out of 28 and the first week completely hosed me. I am hoping to jump some more into the money…

I can only hope. So, without further ado…here is my pick:

San Francisco (-3.5) versus Baltimore

Well. What can I say? I like San Francisco. I like Kaepernick in the dome. I like their defense. And I think the time off will hurt the Ravens. I am thinking 35-24 San Francisco.

My Fantasy Lineup:

QB: Colin Kaepernick

RB: Kendall Hunter, Bernard Pierce

WR: Randy Moss, Torrie Smith

TE: Vernon Davis

PK: Justin Tucker

Def: Baltimore Ravens

Alright, so, what do you think. Who do you have? Sound off!

Trades, Trust, and Compromise

So, Obama is touting that Democrats are more willing to compromise than Republicans.

This actually isn’t as laughable as it appears. Why? Because I believe that he actually thinks this.

What is lost in all of this is the art of compromise. What actually composes a compromise?

On Facebook awhile back, one of my friends lamented why can’t people get on the compromise train? After all, we wouldn’t have a Constitution if not for compromise.

Let me start by offering an fantasy football anecdote.

In fantasy football, there are two types of trades: Fair trades and trades where one party gets trade-raped. Rookie fantasy football players are usually very reluctant to get involved in many trades because they don’t want to make a mistake.

In my super-duper dynasty league, the first year saw few trades. The reason being that the trust wasn’t built between owners to come to the table to make a fair and decent trade.

The point of all this is…trades only occur when there is trust. When I trust that someone is not just trying to get from me, but also willing to give me something of value…a trade will happen.

The same goes for compromise. You have to trust the person you are dealing with.

Obviously, there is a severe lack of trust in Washington, DC.

But let us examine the first question I asked…exactly what makes a compromise? Let us take a different approach.

Let’s look at political policy as a product. I will choose gas. Let’s assume that the average price for gas is $3. Let us assume that one party, the consumer would like gas for $1. Now, let’s assume that the other party, the gas station wants to sell the gas for $5. The goal in any “compromise” would be for the consumer to negotiate the cost as close to the low side of $3 as possible. This would be a “common sense” compromise.

The problem with what President Obama said is he is like the gas station. Undoubtedly, the Democrats have the upper hand in power. They control the Senate and the Presidency. So, they hold more leverage. I am sure that the gas station that is the Democrats in DC, are always willing to go down to $4.75. But that ain’t compromise.

Let’s take the fiscal cliff deal. You know where the GOP started out? $2.75. $1.00 would have been $1 for $1 tax increases to spending cuts. What did they offer? 1:4 (1 dollar in spending cuts for every $4 in tax increases). What did they get? Barely any spending cuts. Where was the compromise?

But, gosh darnit…those Democrats walked all over their principles to go down to $4.75 didn’t they? Let’s throw them a party.

This is why Republicans don’t trust President Obama. He is trying to negotiate several deals with them right now. Debt ceiling, gun control, and immigration. What does he do? Says his party is always willing to go down to $4.75 and lambasts Republicans for not agreeing to those terms. That isn’t leadership and that sure as heck isn’t compromise. This President has shown zero ability to negotiate compromise on ANY deal since he has been President. Healthcare? No compromise…shoved it through. Stimulus? He told the GOP that he had won and they deserved no seat at the table. Debt ceiling I? We know from Woodward’s book that Geithner had to talk the President into EVEN NEGOTIATING, he just wanted to go over the cliff and pin it on the GOP. Fiscal cliff? He didn’t even negotiate it. Vice President Joe Biden did. That is right…Joe Biden was the voice of reason (at least avoiding the dang thing).

So, what about this great immigration compromise? I would say it is about a $3.50. I am thankful for Senator Rubio’s presence because he was able to get some major goals put in the immigration reform. In fairness, we don’t know the complete details of the arrangement so I reserve the right to change my opinion. But as of now, it resembles something more like compromise than we have ever seen under President Obama.

Too bad that those Senators aren’t willing to tutor him on what real trust and compromise looks like.

Manti Te’o: Our Low Information Culture

Most of you, by now, have heard of the great hoax of Manti Te’o.

It is one of the most bizarre sports stories I can remember. But is this just a case of art (or in this case, sports personality) imitating life?

I mean should we be shocked.

Generation Irony. That is what this younger generation should be called:

Everyone has tons of Facebook friends, but feel more alone.

We have more relationships, but less of them are real.

We have more information at our disposal than at anytime in human history. But we choose to ignore it.

A term that is commonly used in conservative circles is the low information voter. The pejorative usage of this is “all those dumb people” who voted for Obama just because he was a nice guy.

But the fact is that low information voters are not owned by one party. Can’t the hundreds of conservative women who love Sarah Palin for no other reason than, “she is a strong woman to look up to,” be cast in this same category?

Herein is where we have failed in the conservative movement when it comes to educating our beliefs. Conservatism is based on logic, economics, and a pure understanding of human nature. But when our low information voters are espousing the virtues of our philosophy while simultaneously spouting off about Obama’s birthplace or religion…it doesn’t help the cause.

But culturally, what drives this? Every statistical category shows that our education system is failing. I don’t put too much weight on test scores that puts American schools up against the rest of the world. Most other countries don’t believe in universal education and they certainly don’t believe in universal testing. But SAT reading scores hit a four decade low. Over time, our overall test scores have dropped (again, we shouldn’t put too much weight on this, but surely some weight is justified). A record number of high school graduates are not ready for college.

This isn’t a post on education. But isn’t it amazing that in a world where most young people are prolific texters, reading scores have dropped. In a world where a simple google search will lead to 98% of all your answers, people just don’t seem care.

I think the problem is a matter of want to. I was recently asked why I would weigh in on subjects where I have little experience. The answer for me was I have more information at my fingertips than all the generations of human existence combined. I have a wealth of everyone’s experiences ripe for the taking. But I choose to tap into that. I choose to read and consume.

Too many young people don’t. They willfully ignore history and experience in order to maintain a suitable level of ignorance.

So what does this have to do with Mr. Te’o? He could have done the same google searches that Dead Spin did. He could have asked the questions. He had all the answers at his disposal. But he maintained a suitable level of ignorance. He is America’s low information boyfriend.

There are two types of voters. One group researches and studies. The other deliberately avoid information so they can maintain a suitable level of ignorance. That way, if things don’t turn out right, they have the ultimate hedge. “I was lied to by a politician.” What we have learned over the last few years is that even in the midst of a high profile campaign, the suitable level of ignorance only increases. It doesn’t decrease.

And this is, by no means, a reflection on liberal or conservative. The suitable level of ignorance was high for conservatives as well. While I voted for Mitt Romney because I believed that he possessed the tools necessary to turn our economy around. I was voting more against Obama than for Romney.

And the suitable level of ignorance on the left was astoundingly high as well. Let’s be honest, short of President Obama performing a satanic ritual on stage and exclaiming that he deserved to be king, he would have gotten 45% of the vote. (Even then, the media would have proclaimed it Joe Biden’s fault) Don’t believe me? Ask a random neighbor how the response to Sandy has been. Most will say good if not great. Most people will probably tell you they think it is mostly done. There are still people without power! Had this been a Republican President, we wouldn’t be hearing about Manti Te’o because the coverage of Baltimore Ravens players and how the east coast has been affected, begging us to root for them in the Super Bowl. (Exactly what happened with the New Orleans Saints over 4 YEARS after Katrina) It hasn’t been four months and the media care less.

We have the world at our fingertips. Get out there and study. Learn. Educate the low information voters from both sides. It is the only way America wins. Which probably means we are screwed.

Doing The Right Thing: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ethics

As many of you know, I am very fond of Chuck Colson’s Doing the Right Thing video series. It is a magnificent series on ethics and business ethics.

At one point in the series, they are talking about the ethics of laws. Most importantly, when is it acceptable to break the law because the law is immoral. One of the speakers brought up Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail. He said that Martin Luther King had a brilliant theory as to the ethics of the situation.

We all know, if you are not familiar with his letter it is a great read, that Dr. King was upset at the lack of support of civil rights from white pastors. So, a majority of his letter is an explanation of why the church should care and fight for civil rights in America.

Continue Reading…

Championship Round Picks: How I Fared

footballWell, it was not the greatest weekend for picks. Ahhh, who am I kidding…for the first time, you would have been better going with me than against me.

I am now 4-5-1 against the spread and 6-4 pick ’em.

And in my fantasy football playoff league, this weekend, I jumped from 20th to 5th!

Overall, it was pretty spectacular, so let’s get to it!




San Francisco (-4) versus Atlanta

What I got Right:

I pushed on the spread, but I got the pick’em right. While my 45-30 point total was overblown…after a shaky start, San Francisco took it to em.

What I got Wrong:

The final score. But what track meet feel this game had early died out in the last 20 minutes of play.

Baltimore (+8.5) versus New England

What I got Right:

The spread, and that is about all. I did say that Baltimore definitely believed they could win but…

What I got Wrong:

I said, “In the end, their aging defense won’t be able to do enough to win. But they come close.” Try, they dominated the second half. If I would have told you that one defense shuts the other down in the second half…you probably would have said the Patriots. If I would have told you that one team would only score one touchdown, you would have most certainly bet on the Ravens…they were clutch…

My Fantasy Lineup:

The Fantasy League I am in we play guys every week, 8 starters, 1 QB,1K, 1Def, 1TE, 2 WR, 2RB.

You can use any guy, BUT you can only use him once. Most total points wins.

My total points = 421.7 (169.3) points. That is good enough for 5/28, as I had a really good week…it will get more interesting as people have used some superstars…and a LOT of people were betting Patriots/49ers in their picks and some don’t have any options when it comes to Defense/PK/Tight Ends…

QB: Matt Ryan 36.1

RB: Frank Gore (21), Jacquizz Rodgers (3.2) My ONLY bust…

WR: Anquan Boldin (23), Julio Jones (47.2)

TE: Tony Gonzales (21.8)

PK: David Akers (4)

Def: San Francisco 49ers (13)

Alright, so, there it is…two weeks to contemplate the Super Bowl!

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