Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • How do we cope with tragedy? – via @nathanmartin #
  • MT @jeffemanuel: PS has torn down JoePa’s statue. Now the NCAA should tear down PennState’s FB could disagree less #
  • Culture Matters – #tcot #lnyhbt #
  • @jeffemanuel The Freeh report has significant gaps. Including the last 10 years. We dont have ALL the information yet. #
  • RT @jimgeraghty: Romney’s $23 Million Cash-on-Hand Advantage // Wow. Good deal. #
  • To the Men of Colorado… – via @Menaissance1 #
  • @TabithaHale Not for $15! Lol #
  • @BurkeForOhio Happy Birthday #
  • @mattklewis I disagree. They love trying. Still hate succeeding. They are merely in love w pursuit. Byproduct of everyone gets a trophy. #
  • A Father's Job as Provider – via @Menaissance1 #
  • Thursday's Question: Starvation in America – Latest Blog Post #
  • Does Starvation REALLY Happen in America? – #tcot #lnyhbt #
  • I disagree with @mattklewis // Are Millennials Really Better? – #tcot #lnyhbt #
  • Are Millenials Really Better? – New Post #
  • Does England even have a space program? #OlympicCeremony #
  • RT @LizMair: Hubby's hatred for Matt Lauer is increasing by the minute. // Smart man! #
  • @LizMair Are you in London for the games? #
  • Ryan Seacrest? I have to watch him for two weeks? #londonolympics #
  • Can we all agree that NBC shouldnt be allowed near sports? #turningoffnbcnow #
  • @sportsguy33 Bill, when you are sports czar, can you ensure NBC gets no sports coverage EVER?! #turningoffnbcnow #
  • @mattklewis Fair point. I just think the differences are nothing positive. #
  • So. Socialized medicine leads to nightmares…got it. #2012LondonOlympicCeremony #TCOT #
  • @BobBelvedere thanks for the RT #
  • @BobBelvedere thanks. I try! #
  • THIS! RT @TheRickWilson: Bring back Branagh and the sheep #
  • @heykim yes. #
  • Only playing the entire Bohemian Rhapsody would have saved this… #2012LondonOlympicCeremonies #
  • Why did the London rapper sound like Fred Durst?!?!?!?! #2012LondonOlympicCeremonies #
  • Wait. I thought the US government gave us the WWW? #
  • The North Koreans have that, “Can I defect.” look. #
  • If the Olympics were a multi-level marketing company. Britain would have soooo many medals in their downline. #
  • Things I learned tonight: Socialized medicine leads to nightmares, giant babies, disco, and a rapper who sounds like Fred Durst. #
  • @Turbothink yes. Pretty. #
  • EFFING THIS! RT@comradescott: "Ok, now just my ex-wives with one leg…." #olympics #
  • RT @jimmiebjr: Oh Meredith Viera. Money shot?? // HD is not kind to women over fifty #
  • @seanhackbarth Yeah. But no lauer or seacrest. #
  • RT @stix1972: I think that they should go back to old school and the athletes should all be naked at the events // Especially Sweden! #
  • @seanhackbarth True. But NO lauer or seacrest! #
  • So. Four hours and no dentist jokes on twitter? What? #londonolympics #
  • @stix1972 I am upset I didnt make the list. #
  • @NathanWurtzel Badminton. #
  • RT @NathanWurtzel: Also, can someone find out what sport the Sri Lankan lady plays so I can make sure to tune in //badminton #
  • @stix1972 seriously. I had two 2! Posts today…sigh 🙂 #
  • The Browns are being sold to a Steelers fan…bahahahahaha #
  • @vannschaffner @Snarky_Basterd My dad was 3… #
  • RT @ScottWGraves: Has anyone ever confirmed a "billion people are watching"?!?! #olympics // laughing? #
  • RT @jeffjarvis: My favorite new Olympic sport is Tolerating Ryan Seacrest. // Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! #
  • @vannschaffner @Snarky_Basterd Ironically, I was just being snarky…and a bastard. #
  • RT @jlp4u3: Olympic Games: No flag dip for United States at opening ceremony // We dont bow either…uh…what? #
  • RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: Phelps ‘barely’ qualifies… // Kids. Don’t do pot! #
  • So. We already know Phelps didnt win. However, we have to wait until tonight to actually watch it? It is 2012. Tape delay doesnt work. #
  • RT @JohnCHagen: Lochte won the 400 IM and Phelps got 4th. It’s called training. // And not doing Pot. #
  • RT @CBSNewYork: EXCLUSIVE: Sexual Abuse Scandal Widens At Prestigious Horace Mann School // Shut it DOWN! #
  • The plight of the WHITE running back? // Steven M. Sipple: Bo leads Burkhead bandwagon: via @journalstarnews #
  • RT @marychastain: BTW all I'm driving from FL to OK hence why only music tweets. I'm driving so thats why I'm not answering. //excuses #
  • @marychastain @ChrisRBarron Disagree. I believe in community standards. So did out forefathers. #
  • @mattklewis Just saw a commercial in Ohio touting Obama as pro choice? Seems odd. What say you? #
  • MT @ToddKincannon: .@Splurge24 I'm sure you frequented Chick-fil-A right up til today. Oh wait no cause they don't sell tofu and failure. #
  • @Snarky_Basterd @P2_D_U has been suspended. #
  • RT @marketingwizdom: Installed Mountain Lion on all my Macs. Totally trouble free install. Works like a dream. Highly recommended.//2nd! #
  • @Snarky_Basterd @brooksbayne No problem. I love a good infight. #
  • @mattklewis yes. It has run once an hour. I will try to find the youtube of it. #
  • @mattklewis This just seems stupid to me… #
  • Obama's new ad airing all over Ohio. First blatantly #prochoice ad I have seen. #
  • London 2012 Olympics: Empty seats on the opening day prompts investigation via @Telegraph //Perhaps they weren't ready? #
  • New Sherrod Brown commercial flirts with corporate endorsement? #tcot #
  • @jimmiebjr Please tell me @NBCSports doesnt have the contract for 2014!!!!? #
  • @jimmiebjr UGH! #
  • Big Phelps race is on @nbcsports next. I wonder who wins?! #tapedelayisso1980 #
  • @NathanWurtzel As does smoking pot. #
  • #ifthisweretheeighties We would be watching sports on tape delay. Oh wait… #londonolympics #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad But they werent gay and unborn…so whats your point. #
  • RT @BenHowe: For the love of God @Facebook, fix your broken iPhone app. #slooooooooooooooow / CO SIGN! #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad One can love the sinner and hate the sin. They aren’t mutually exclusive. That is my point. #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad I have. #
  • @loudmouthdad @h4x354x0r Bc I disagree with the assumption that gays are born gay? Not an idiot. I disagree with the premise. #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad Again. I disagree with the premise. And science is, if not on my side, inconclusive. #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad You obviously dont want to have a discussion. You just want to call names and throw a tantrum. #
  • @loudmouthdad Seriously. I didnt say we were born neutral. We are all born hetero. We choose to be gay. #
  • @loudmouthdad Same reason my sister got pregnant out of wedlock. Or how pastor’s kids end up on crack. We are the choices we make. #
  • @loudmouthdad No gay gene has been found. It fails the twin test. Among other studies. #
  • @loudmouthdad I am saying my sister committed a sin that was against her upbringing. Yes. She chose that. And she has felt Gods grace. #
  • @h4x354x0r @loudmouthdad With what proof? Just your gut feeling? #
  • @h4x354x0r because people choose to try meth. To murder. Etc. people make bad choices. And ppl like you facilitate their choice. #
  • MT @loudmouthdad: Sorry Nathan, but I don't debate with idiots, bigots, & bible thumpers. You're being dismissed now. // #tolerance #
  • @h4x354x0r Tell an alcoholic that. #
  • @h4x354x0r bigotry? Really? #
  • RT @h4x354x0r: @NathanMartin Yes, bigotry. And asshattery. And ignorance.
    // Hater. #blocked #
  • @loudmouthdad @GilesMcK @h4x354x0r burden of proof isnt on me. Its on those who want to change 1000s of years of history. So show it! #
  • So. If your belief system sets out to change thousands of years of human experience. Shouldnt the burden of proof for your ideas be on you? #
  • @loudmouthdad @GilesMcK @h4x354x0r So. You have none? Got it. Well thank you for playing. #
  • @GilesMcK Thanks for the support. #
  • @GilesMcK @loudmouthdad @h4x354x0r Kind of like how no little girls want to work a pole for a career?! #
  • @GilesMcK braver man than I. I blocked them. #
  • RT @MelissaTweets: When the Chinese do well, I figure they're doing steroids and illegal substances generally.// Dont underest fear of death #
  • @chadfelixg I appreciate your candor. I am sure we disagree, but you add to the discussion respectfully. I respect that. #

Are Millennials Really Better?

Among my usual reads, I stop in at the Daily Caller and check up on what Matt Lewis has to say. Why? Because, while I don’t agree with everything he writes, I have always been a fan of his style. He isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and he isn’t afraid to poke people in the eye. His analysis is usually sound. So, when I read his recent post on Millenials, it got me thinking. Because Matt’s portrayal of them is highly praise filled. Reading his piece, it almost felt like he was saying that this is the next greatest generation? After thinking about it, I retorted on twitter:


What I meant by this is I have a hard time accepting a generation that brought us Snooki and Kim Kardashian as bonafide celebrities is a generation that appreciates true success. In his article, he talks about how they are all posting on YouTube. I agree they are trying…to be famous. But is that enough to crown them as something to behold? Are they really celebrating good grades? Well, their grades are up but  exams are down.  Maybe they are so enthralled with “trying” because it simply isn’t difficult to do so anymore. You can graduate high school and not know how to read. Freshman year of college is a catch up year to what you should have learned in high school. Is this true success? It is to a millennial. Why? Because “trying” is all that matters. IF YOU TRY, YOU DESERVE. This maxim is what leads to the Occupy Movement amongst Millennials. They all got cookies. They all got trophies. They have been told their whole life as long as you try…good things will happen. And when it doesn’t? Life is an unfair and unmitigated disaster and they have a hard time coping. That is why suicide rates are so high amongst our young adults.

So, are Millennials more politically correct? Yes, they are well indoctrinated in that regard. I think Matt skims over that point too lightly. You see, a LOT of what is taught in our government run schools IS a direct contradiction to what their parents teach at home. It is an amazing point that a child can bite hook, line, and sinker what is thrust on them in their high school or university and be directly rebellious of their parents at home. Our educational institutions didn’t use to be like that. But that is what happens when the underbelly of society become professors, teachers, and administrators when they grow up.

Parents are SHOCKED to learn that anti-bullying initiatives are largely funded by pro-homosexual groups. Why? Because we all know it is bad to bully…but now it is bad to bully a 6 year old because he wears a pink bow and thinks he is a girl. “You throw like a girl” used to be an insult, now it is just a recognition that your classmate is transgender. That is why when Lady Gaga gives a speech about how gays should be allowed to serve in our military, (For the record, since 1992 they could) the youths start salivating and barking with Pavlovian vigor.

So, are the Millennials the greatest generation? Only if they can get their own reality show…because they sure aren’t willing to achieve real success…they are just satisfied with the pursuit. Something, their great grandparents were NEVER satisfied with.


@NathanMartin I wouldn’t say better. But different.

— Matt K. Lewis (@mattklewis) July 27, 2012

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Thursday’s Question: Starvation in America

Thursday question of the day:
I happened upon this line of discussion on accident. But it is intriguing to me. Are there starving children in America? And if so, who is to blame? Thread HERE

I used to be a picky eater when I was younger. Why? My parents enabled it. That is why most kids are picky. I hate when parents whine about how “picky my children are.” I want to tell them…”look in the mirror.” It only takes missing out on lunch and dinner for a couple of days before children magically learn that being picky is rude, unacceptable, and my basic job as a parent is to provide you food, shelter, and clothing. Not the food you’ll eat. Not the sleeping arrangements you’d prefer. Not the clothes that won’t get you beat up at school. One day I am going to write a parenting book. For now, take the advice for what its worth. Your child being picky is your fault.

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Ah yes. Football is right around the corner with camps starting over the next couple of weeks. Of course, that means Fantasy Football starts as well.

I am in two different leagues. One is a re-draft basic Yahoo league. The other is a dynasty PPR league. Over a year ago, I had never played Fantasy Football. Now…I can’t get enough. So, I am going to be posting my draft ratings. Fair warning, they are based on my dynasty point system…

September can’t come soon enough.

Culture Matters


At times like these, we reflect on tragedies of life and in our culture, our time is constantly devoted to the WHY?

In fact, as a Christian, the number one question I get is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

The truth is that tragedy surrounds us. Even though it doesn’t always warrant the 24/7 coverage that the shooting in Colorado has garnered, but it is real. A mother of four falling to cancer. A child with nothing wrong doesn’t wake up from their slumber. Pedophiles. Wars. Murder. Disease. The state of our world is in a fallen state.

But…why is our culture so focused on the why? Because in spite of all our technology and science, this is the one question that alludes the Post-Modern thought.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

The Myth of Bipartisanship

Every election cycle I hear it. “I am so tired of politicians fighting, why can’t they just work together and do what is right for the country?” Right afterward, they sing kumbaya while watching Pollyanna. Of course, their friends agree. “You are SO right, we used to do things now it is toxic.” And so the myth gets perpetuated. Two myths actually and both are born out of naiveté and carried out by wishful thinking.

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