O My! A Case for Practicing Self-Governance

Each Thursday, I ask a question on my Facebook page. This week it was about the Obamacare ruling.


That was my reaction. I was under the distinct impression that the Supreme Court’s responsibility was to rule on the merits of the case not “preserve the reputation of the court.”

This is a loss because by all accounts, Chief Justice Roberts succumbed to political pressure. A laughingstock of jurisprudence.

As I stated about Federalism earlier, waiting for a Justice to rule isn’t a good self-governance philosophy. A sentiment echoed by Stacy McCain.

Politically, this decision has likely galvanized conservatives and moderates to the right. And not for the reasons you think.

Self-governance is like a trapeze artist. While having to hone their craft so they don’t fall. They don’t have to work SO hard at it because they have a net. In the history of all mankind, no country or group of people have had such a strong safety net as we do. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not only a strong safety net, but it is 10 feet below us.

A great net makes for lazy citizens. That is what we have become.

But, with each ruling or Presidential usurping of authority or bad policies on both sides of the aisle, our net has been made weak. This makes us citizens have to hone our craft more.

And we will! We have to or risk going splat on the pavement of humanity along with our ancestors who became lazy when their posterity needed them most!!!!

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