Lessons Learned: What This All Means

Looking over the exit poll data this morning and I am pretty depressed at what I am seeing. But first, let’s look at the numbers.


John McCain: 2,677,820

Mitt Romney: 2,571,539

Barack Obama: 2,672,302


John McCain: 1,725,005

Mitt Romney: 1,745,397

Barack Obama: 1,852,123


John McCain: 4,045,624

Mitt Romney: 4,083,321

Barack Obama: 4,129,360


John McCain: 1,073,584

Mitt Romney: 1,105,491

Barack Obama: 1,210,464

All Mitt Romney had to do was match John McCain’s vote in Ohio. Yes, there is some population shifting out of the state. But the tale of the tape is the field offices. Mitt Romney had 41. Barack Obama had 131. In Virginia, he had twice as many and in Florida he had 3 times as many there too. GOP victory centers are shared resources among all the candidates. Obama’s field offices were primarily Obama field offices that allowed other candidates to use. As the GOP, we have to do some soul searching on its grassroots operations. Yes, it is an expensive resource. But, there was $4 billion dollars spent on this election cycle…they could have made it work. I have been advocating for this sort of network since 2006. Unfortunately, it appears that democrats get it.

Now to the depressing stuff.

A Shallow Electorate

Exit polls show us that 15%! of the electorate said that Hurricane Sandy was the most important factor in their voting. Really?! Benghazi? Economy? No. A picture of Obama hugging it out with Chris Christie. Forget the fact that Bob Woodward’s book shows that the President acted like a petulant child when the GOP wanted to get a debt deal done. Forget that every major piece of legislation he passed was done with no bipartisan support. Nope, one picture is all they needed to know about his bipartisanship.

Single Women

The issue that Mitt Romney had with women really came down to contraception. Not amongst married women but single women. There are now more single women in America as a percentage than any time in history and they broke heavily for Barack Obama. 68%-30%. For all of us pro-lifers out there looking for a bright spot…this aint one of them. Barack Obama was the first Presidential candidate in history to openly run on protecting planned parenthood, free contraception, and taxpayer funded abortions… But free contraception was elevated as a holy grail for women. Married women resented that the campaign thought that was all that mattered to them. Single women proved the Obama campaign’s resources were warranted. I thought it was a dunce move. I was wrong. I suppose I had too much faith in the electorate.

The Economy

This was the number one issue in election. Amazingly, people actually think the economy is getting better. It is amazing what quantitative easing will do. Artificially inflates the stock market while inflating prices of goods and services. For those who thought the country was headed in the wrong direction, Mitt Romney still only won 51% of that vote. This elevates two things. 1. The Mitt Romney campaign did not do an effective enough job convincing the American people that his plan would benefit all Americans. He did have a plan. If you watched any of the debates, you can probably recite his five step plan. It was a plan signed off on by many economic Nobel Laureates and it made sense. But Obama was able to define Romney early as someone who just cared for rich people. The truth didn’t matter. For example, Romney’s plan actually would have increased the higher earners amounts paid to the federal government while lowering rates. And middle income Americans would have had the advantage of the rate cuts. Doesn’t matter. Perception is reality. And the Obama campaign poured over $12 million into Ohio in June to paint this picture…people just didn’t see him as affable. Amazing that is what matters most. Also, dimwits still blame Bush for the economy. Fannie and Freddie are still unaccountable, but it doesn’t matter. Americans have their straw man and they will beat the living crap out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2016, we are still hearing these morons complain about Bush.

The Media

Most Americans don’t trust the media. BUT the egregiousness of the media coverage these last three months is what they decided NOT to cover or talk about. Benghazi. CBS hid transcripts for 3 weeks only releasing them during Hurricane Sandy, Martha Crowley, falsely, “fact checked” Mitt Romney in the debate at what was a pivotal moment, zero answers from the administration. He successfully ran out the clock to the election. Only 5% of the electorate cared about foreign policy. Our embassy was sacked. Our ambassador was killed and the administration’s response was…we will talk about it after we win.


We discovered a couple things we already knew: Jews only give lip service to Israel. Catholics really don’t care about the teachings of their church. Obama won both of these groups. 70% of the Jewish vote and 50% of the Catholic vote. Evangelicals went heavily for Mitt, but less so than previous years. This means that the demagoguery surrounding Mitt’s faith had an affect on the electorate. How much? It is impossible to tell. But it did have an affect.

I Want to Feel Good!

We have long known that people are stupid. Dave Ramsey talks about people with tens of thousands in credit card debt that they got because the credit card company “accepted” them. The same can be said about politics. How in God’s name did FDR get 4 terms!? The Depression got worse. His policies failed. But, Americans blamed Hoover not FDR. And his pitches and talks were one of comfort and distraction not substance. He offered hope not solutions. The same can be said for this President. The unemployment rates among blacks and minorities are catastrophic. Doesn’t matter. Union workers have lost a record amount of jobs…no worries, my union rep told me Romney is bad.


There is zero reason why Hispanics aren’t Republican voters. They share the same social values, they are more likely to have children and be married, they are an extremely entrepreneurial group as well. I think that we can have a common sense immigration policy and if we do so, we can make heavy end roads into this demographic. We have to. We can’t just hope that white people come out to vote in droves. Even when Barack Obama is gone and the dems go back to running northeastern males. I have long stated that we need to build new Ellis Islands in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas and start processing paperwork for citizenship. This way, we also have a good way to enforce standards of who enters. We want and need the best and the brightest.

The bottomline is that Americans chose Barack Obama. He is now my President for another four years. Let’s just hope that we can better educate the electorate on our ideas going forward…or else “forward” is all we are going to get.

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