If at First You Don’t Secede…

First. Let’s tamper down the secession talk. I think it has been blown out of proportion by the liberal and conservative media alike.

For those of you who don’t know...”thousands” of Americans want secession. Big whoop. A friend of mine on Facebook (FTR follow/friend him, he is an awesome conservative who one day, God willing will run for office) said it best in his post, so, here is what he posted:

In further evidence of the decline of Americans in basic civics, I’d like to try to clarify something.

No, there is no “movement” for Secession. The White House website has a feature where if you create a petition, and 25,000 people click on it, it will go to the President’s press secretary’s office for “consideration.” As in, consideration whether to write a short summary about the White House’s

opinion on the matter. This is the same feature that is typically preoccupied with UFOs and conspiracy theories.What the President thinks about secession is not law, nor is it relevant. There is no legislation anywhere at the federal level to allow for the withdrawal of states or commonwealths.I only say this because many people seem to equate a dubious Internet petition with an actual movement for serious constitutional upheaval (hint: the last time we tried this, a lot of people with cannons weren’t thrilled with states leaving the Union).To further demonstrate the high level intellect of the American Voter, upon hearing about all the people signing the secession petition, a second group of rabble-rousers immediately petitioned the president to strip the citizenship from anyone who signs the secession petition.

And we wonder why politicians never debate the issues.

Both Scott and I agree that people are “allowed” to enter into such discourse. But I urge strong caution for a few reasons.
1. Liberals already equate “states rights” with slavery and the civil war.
There is a definitive difference between advocating for Federalism and advocating for secession. Unfortunately, when we have people diverting the conversation OR talking about the two in the same breadth, it does more harm than good. Another friend of mine advocates for increasing Congressional representatives. (Hasn’t been done since 1910) I have long advocated for repeal of the 17th amendment, Senators should be more invested in their states than their political parties. All these are good sound arguments. But IF all your liberal neighbor hears is a new civil war…good luck convincing him that he should advocate for these policies. ESPECIALLY when…
2. Knee jerk sour grapes don’t sell.
Let’s be honest, there would be none of this talk if Mitt Romney had won last Tuesday. As a movement, we are supposed to be the logical even keeled movement. We don’t like drastic change, we are measured, and we are traditionalists. It is the liberals who riot, chain themselves to trees, and put on violent protests. We are supposed to be the movement of intellectualism. Of course over the last twenty years, that has largely gone by the wayside as people defend the indefensible using “conservative ideology” as their placemat. As I talked about HERE, I don’t believe that Obama “stole” the election. I think we need to get our election laws straightened out so we prevent a lot of the fraud and abuse that does take place, however, he IS our President. I hate that. I do. I think he has usurped Congressional authority. I think he cares more about being on Letterman than the needs of middle class Americans. I think his financial policies (if you can call them that) are beyond disastrous, they are cataclysmic. But he won. We have to fight his policies and it will be an uphill climb, but this is a distraction we don’t need.
3. The anger is misplaced but understandable.
Listen, I get it. Washington, DC is a wreck. An unmitigated disaster on the Potomac. Both parties care more about power than policy. And because we can’t stop the printing of money, they will continue to use their largesse to buy off whatever constituencies they need to retain that power. The Presidency has unchecked power. The legislature can’t even do what it is suppose to do…PASS AN EFFING BUDGET. And the Supreme Court likely will be cemented this term as a socialist maven for the next 20 years. More people in America vote for a paycheck not for principle. And even those who HAVE a paycheck are lied to by their union reps that it will all disappear if the other guy is elected. Look around…neither party is for the “working man” the “working man” doesn’t exist in America anymore.
That said, we all must hang together or hang separately…and that is the hard truth of this past election. The only way we change this thing around is one neighbor at a time. But that requires studying and learning. And getting back to the economic and intellectual roots of our movement. The roots that say that liberty amongst man must be freed and not oppressed. I thought my liberal neighbors would have learned about economic failure this last four years. They didn’t, they just blamed Bush. After this next four…they will be open to learning more about why their economic and personal freedoms were stripped. We have to study now, so when they ask us…our response isn’t I told you so. It ought to be, here is the path to prosperity.
This next four years will be tough. We will watch friends lose their jobs, underemployed friends see their hours cut to under 28 so businesses don’t fall under Obamacare taxes, and even some who won’t be able to get the level of medical care they could have received even ten years ago. Don’t even get me started on the pure shambles that is our current foreign policy. For those amongst us who believe in God, it is our foremost duty to pray and minister to our neighbors. It is our secondary duty to help them as we can. It is our tertiary duty to show them that there is a better way. And the better way isn’t just in politicians with Rs next to their names. It is in real conservative leadership.

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