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Rational Discourse on Facebook or Twitter

It happens to the best of us.

We see a post or a tweet. We overreact and we lay down the rhetorical boom.

Then you re-read the post and realize that you actually agreed with the gist of the post…you just disagreed on semantics.

And you feel like a grade A douchebag.


So, I have put together a few rules for encouraging rational discourse on Facebook and Twitter. It isn\’t comprehensive and I reserve the right to add or amend…and frankly will based on input from you all:

1. Decide whether it is even worth the jump.

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Going Retna: What the New Apple Screen Means for Bloggers

I don’t often curse. But when I do, it is in awe at an Apple Store.

Seriously, the retna display is a game-changer. In fact, Apple really has done for the web what 720p did for cable. Force other people to change content for consumption.

As I have seen in multiple places, HERE, HERE, and HERE the web is generally pixelated in places. It isn’t abhorrent as some have made it out to be. BUT websites that are “retna ready” will pop like an HD channel. AND if you have an HD tv you dont like to settle for the lower channels. (A minor annoyance for me is when my wife DVRs in standard def. Why would she do such a thing!?)

That said, for us bloggers who have WordPress sites, WordPress is phenomenal in Retna!

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Thank You! Sunday Link-Fest

I was going to do a recap because I was happy that my blog had hit 1K views (I know it is the small things in life). But then I logged in after church and realized that I had hit over 1K views TODAY! I am glad that people have seen fit to link my post on WHAT REALLY MATTERS so as a thank you! I am going to do a link recap for the week on who linked me or at least try…I am still trying to get the hang of HOW to tell who is linking me…so, if I missed you…my sincere apologies and thank you for your link! Because of all of your kindness, I was ranked the #4 Growing Blog of the Day!

Alright…it seems that I have experienced a second-hand instalanche! Our good friends at The Camp of Saints got an Instalanche. And because I was the lead link in his great review…I got a secondary wave. So, I want to thank Camp of Saints for writing an awesome post and Glenn Reynolds for lanche’ing it as well…


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