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Doing The Right Thing: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ethics

As many of you know, I am very fond of Chuck Colson’s Doing the Right Thing video series. It is a magnificent series on ethics and business ethics.

At one point in the series, they are talking about the ethics of laws. Most importantly, when is it acceptable to break the law because the law is immoral. One of the speakers brought up Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail. He said that Martin Luther King had a brilliant theory as to the ethics of the situation.

We all know, if you are not familiar with his letter it is a great read, that Dr. King was upset at the lack of support of civil rights from white pastors. So, a majority of his letter is an explanation of why the church should care and fight for civil rights in America.

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O My! A Case for Practicing Self-Governance

Each Thursday, I ask a question on my Facebook page. This week it was about the Obamacare ruling.


That was my reaction. I was under the distinct impression that the Supreme Court’s responsibility was to rule on the merits of the case not “preserve the reputation of the court.”

This is a loss because by all accounts, Chief Justice Roberts succumbed to political pressure. A laughingstock of jurisprudence.

As I stated about Federalism earlier, waiting for a Justice to rule isn’t a good self-governance philosophy. A sentiment echoed by Stacy McCain.

Politically, this decision has likely galvanized conservatives and moderates to the right. And not for the reasons you think.

Self-governance is like a trapeze artist. While having to hone their craft so they don’t fall. They don’t have to work SO hard at it because they have a net. In the history of all mankind, no country or group of people have had such a strong safety net as we do. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not only a strong safety net, but it is 10 feet below us.

A great net makes for lazy citizens. That is what we have become.

But, with each ruling or Presidential usurping of authority or bad policies on both sides of the aisle, our net has been made weak. This makes us citizens have to hone our craft more.

And we will! We have to or risk going splat on the pavement of humanity along with our ancestors who became lazy when their posterity needed them most!!!!

WTF?! (Where’s the Federalism)

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare on Thursday. I was hopeful that Thursday’s ruling would be favorable for conservatives. However, this court has had as much of an appetite for limiting the federal government as Michael Moore has for greens and sugar free ice cream.

In the Arizona case, it has been argued that the Federal government actually back pedaled on the 10th amendment. Something that I didn’t know was possible considering that for all intents and purposes, we needn’t have the tenth amendment.

Honestly, if the court upholds Obamacare in any meaningful way…we are screwed.

And I am not talking about our healthcare. If the Roberts court doesn’t curtail the commerce clause, the Feds killing grandma will be the least of our concerns.

Our Republic (we still do have a Republic right?) is founded on several governing principles, the least of which isn’t: The most effective governing happens closest to the people.

This first principle of self-governance is so vital to the success of our Republic that every other issue fails in comparison. Here are just a few examples:

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Of Course…I Am Sorry

Alright so, Obama has said that Sotomayor would have said things differently had she to do it over again…link 

Wow! If we could only use that logic for everything. I am sure that any criminal who has got caught would do things differently had they to do it over. I am sure that Bill Clinton might have done things differently, had he to do it over. I am sure that Germany would not have invaded Russia, if they had to do it over. And so on…and so on. Do you get the point?

All this is, is yet another attempt by the left to skirt responsibility. Obama has no responsibility for sitting in the church he did. If he had only known… Obama has no responsibility for any blunder going on by the administration. It is all Bushes fault… And now, no liberal jurist has any responsibility for racist statements they make. Because they don’t really mean it… I bet Senator Trent Lott wishes he could use that defense. At least Mel Gibson had the “I was drunk” defense. Sotomayor? Sober as anything and racist as everything. Period. Flat out racist.

ANY human being who says that as a result of their experiences because of the color of their skin, they are automatically better than others, they are racist. And, yes, I have known some racists in my lifetime. I have heard every excuse, but I will only deliberate on one:

I was working as a manager in a fast food restaurant in northern Georgia while I was going to college. One of my employees was racist. He hated black people. Why? When he was eight he watched 3 black men jump his single dad and beat him with a pipe. His dad was permanently made blind because of the accident. Leaving him to help earn money and watch out for his dad and younger brother. He recounted stories of when cashiers would try to gip his dad of his change. At a young age, he had to know how to pay attention. He was sixteen and had to work as many hours as the law would allow, because his family depended on him. He was young, bitter, and he hated black people. Through my two years working with him, I constantly tried to show him that he shouldn’t blame everyone of a different color because of something that happened that long ago. I tried to convince him that equality is great and being prejudicial is not the way to go. I never ever tolerated hateful speech or stereotyping from him. One of the last conversations we had was about experience. He said that if it was true that white people had better schools, better opportunities, and better jobs then why was it wrong to promote these over “others” since they have the better experiences. He would also cite the crime stats of black males, hispanics, etc. And state, that if they are bound to end up in jail, why not distrust them. I said that there are NO guarantees in life. Statistics don’t mean a thing. People that should succeed often don’t and those who seem destined to fail often rise to the top. I said, most people would discount a long haired redneck in an interview, but he became one of my better employees. Appearances and experiences don’t define us…what we do does because we all play by the same rules.

Sotomayor sounds a little too much like my employee. And she went to private schools, the best colleges, and has become wealthy. My employee had an “excuse” (it is never excusable) to feel the way he did. She just feels it because she can. And now she wants to ensure that we all have to play by different rules depending on our color? She is racist, she should have her nomination withdrawn. If this is “post-racial” politics, then what is the point for trying to mentor young people in equality? What example does that set for my daughters? She made a racist comment and should be held accountable.