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Can You Be Half Socialist?

Smitty brings up a good point over at The Other McCain:

So, instead, let us prove ourselves an exceptional nation. Let’s muster all the patriotic attorneys general, and the great conservative legal minds, and set about saying that a tax is a tax; that godforsaken sacred cow Ponzi scheme known as Social Security is a tax, and send it to the butcher along with ObamaCare.

Who is with me?

This begs a line of thought that I have asked cohorts of mine:

Don’t we really already have socialism in America? But instead of the Robin Hood variety (Rich-> Poor). We have the bad grandma variety (poor young -> wealthier old). Who isn’t for safety nets? But shouldn’t safety nets make common sense?

Here are some stats for you:

The US Census declared that in 2010 15.1% of the general population lived in poverty:
22% of all people under age 18
13.7% of all people 19–64, and
9% of all people ages 65 and older

So, the 13.7% give large amounts of their paychecks to the 9%? Oh, and let’s not forget that a lot of the 13.7% also have living with them the 20%!

And, when you add in the fact that the per taxpayer burden for these wealthy septuagenarians is an extremely large and highly regressive burden…you have socialism.

BUT, you say, they paid into the system… huh, you are right and the system should give them what they put in… the problem is that would last…

16 Years. And that is assuming that you worked every year from 22-64 years. Medicare is even worse. Typically you exhaust those benefits in 5 years!

So as long as you don’t live past 77 in relatively fair health (hmmm). You will only exhaust what you put in…BUT the situation is worse for those who retired before that guy in 2010.

Someone who turned 65 in 1980…their magic number was 6 Years for BOTH benefits….


The bottom line is that these two entitlements need reforming… and as a military man, anytime someone wants to raise my healthcare premiums or make my pay static I can’t help but think of this:

[+] Pensions  819.7  0.0  160.8  36.8  1,017.3  
[+] Health Care  846.1  -322.2  428.5  127.7  1,080.1  
[+] Education  153.1  -103.1  247.4  643.7  941.0  

Defense  902.2  0.0  1.1  0.0  903.3  
[+] Welfare  451.9  -44.1  177.7  93.7  679.2  
[+] Protection  62.0  0.0  92.6  178.9  333.6  
[+] Transportation  102.6  -57.6  114.2  134.0  293.2  
[+] General Government  33.6  -1.0  33.8  53.5  119.9  
[+] Other Spending  199.6  -52.1  96.6  340.0  584.0  
[+] Interest  224.8  0.0  46.4  59.2  330.3  
[+] Balance  0.0  -0.0  0.0  -0.0  0.0  
[+] Total Spending  3,795.6  -580.2  1,399.1  1,667.5  6,282.0  
[+] Federal Deficit  1,327.0  0.0  0.0  0.0  1,327.0  
[+] Gross Public Debt  16,350.9  0.0  1,092.4  1,712.9  19,156.2  


Notice our entitlements “Pensions” “Welfare” and “Health Care” swamp Defense…as does our Federal Deficit servicing…but that is a topic for another day!

So, what do you think? Is it time for us to reform these entitlements? Or should we just keep banging our head up against the wall!!!!!


WTF?! (Where’s the Federalism)

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare on Thursday. I was hopeful that Thursday’s ruling would be favorable for conservatives. However, this court has had as much of an appetite for limiting the federal government as Michael Moore has for greens and sugar free ice cream.

In the Arizona case, it has been argued that the Federal government actually back pedaled on the 10th amendment. Something that I didn’t know was possible considering that for all intents and purposes, we needn’t have the tenth amendment.

Honestly, if the court upholds Obamacare in any meaningful way…we are screwed.

And I am not talking about our healthcare. If the Roberts court doesn’t curtail the commerce clause, the Feds killing grandma will be the least of our concerns.

Our Republic (we still do have a Republic right?) is founded on several governing principles, the least of which isn’t: The most effective governing happens closest to the people.

This first principle of self-governance is so vital to the success of our Republic that every other issue fails in comparison. Here are just a few examples:

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Property Taxes are Evil: Answer to Thursday’s Question

On Thursdays, I ask a question on my Facebook Page meant to illicit a healthy conversation on policy. I also re-post on my personal FB wall as well. I then write a blog post with my answer to the question.

So, without further ado… Which tax would you eliminate if given the chance? Property, Sales, or Income? Why?

First, the answers others gave were very interesting. A couple people said none of the above. This response surprised me, as even people who don’t mind taxes usually have one boogeyman they want to destroy. Everyone else who answered, answered with income tax. This didn’t surprise me as well. The FairTax effort has made the income tax out to be the scourge of the earth at the Federal level. Many people have bought into this (I am a skeptic) and they are rather evangelistic.

My answer falls out of that scope. To appropriately look at each tax, I asked three questions:

Is the tax cost-effective?

Is it fair and equitable?

Does it interact well with our modern economy?

After looking at the question through this prism, my answer is the property tax. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

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