I am a relational based political and business consultant.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on grassroots strategies and conservative politics.

I write on Faith, Family, Freedom, Social Media, and Grassroots Action. On occasion, I will write about such things as movies, fantasy football, and my family. My hope is that you bear with me through those times.

My goal is create inspiring and educational content. It is a lofty goal, so I hope that you are forgiving and take it…warts and all.

I typically post twice a week. Sometimes more…sometimes less. To make sure you don’t miss anything, I invite you do subscribe via RSS.



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I am a veteran, scholar, and political activist. I am the son of a preacher from the plains of Nebraska, and a strong principled conservative who holds the values of God, Family, and Country most dear. I express these values through my advocacy of faith, family, and freedom through grassroots organization and seminars on faith’s engagement in politics.

I currently reside in Shelby, Ohio with my wife Mandi (of 14 years) and our six children (No, we aren’t Catholic…or Mormon)

I graduated from Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2003) and a Masters in Teaching History and Government (2004).

I served in Iraq from November of 2004 to November of 2005 with the 1/278th ACR Tennessee Army National Guard. While in Iraq, I served as our Battalion Casualty Operations Officer, Strength Accountability, and helped train two Iraqi Battalions in personnel operations. I served in the National Guard for 14 years.

While in Iraq, I developed a grassroots operations system and have helped consult on grassroots techniques with several campaigns/organizations notably the RNC, Chuck DeVore for Senate, the Health Care Compact, and recently at Concerned Veterans for America. I firmly believe in campaign ground operations as a supreme tool of civic involvement.




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