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Yes. We Give. And That Is Not A Bad Thing.


A season full of wonderful traditions: carols, trees, lights, the nativity, Christmas plays, and self-righteous losers trying to convince us that Jesus would hate modern Christmas.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that Jesus probably hates about the modern church (self-righteous losers┬áprobably at the top) but modern Christmas isn’t one of them.

Yet. Every year there are the obligatory articles of how bad of Christians we are if we dare give gifts or emphasize them. That doesn’t even cover the Facebook rants and Tweets.

Ironically, it is some of the same Christians who love socialism and every social justice issue under the sun, even support taking down town nativities and not singing traditional carols in the name of the first amendment, who HATE modern Christmas.

I don’t buy their ideology.

And neither should you.

The reason is clear, Jesus Christ has quite an impact on our society through the celebration of his birth.

  1. 31% of annual charitable contributions are made in December.
  2. People’s giving in November and December spurs retailers to a positive financial outcome.
  3. This aids our entire economy.

And all of this because people are giving OTHER people gifts. Yes, there are other reasons and holidays that attribute to these but there is no doubt that selflessness in the name of Christ spurs economic and non-profit growth. And the epitome of this is at Christmastime.

Seems to me this is something that should be celebrated. Not shunned.