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To the Victor Goes the #SpoilerAlert

Instant news.

Instant analysis.

You are never out of the loop.

Your favorite show you DVR’d just got spoiled.

Ok, so social media isn’t all good. And yes, some people are inconsiderate with their spoilers. But some people are just too sensitive. I am binge-watching The Wire. I didn’t watch it during its original run. Should I be upset if someone spoils it? In 2014? No.

Listen. Binge-watching is here to stay. And services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have made cutting the cable or satellite service practical and even popular. But there certain risks you assume when you consume your media through these services…and spoilers are one of them. IF you have a “right” to enjoy your show unspoiled…don’t those of us who aren’t three years behind entitled to our being able to share our joy with co-workers and friends on the internet? Yes.

So, here are some rules that I feel should be adopted by all man-kind regarding spoilers. Of course, these should be amended and added to…feel free to do so in the comments. Any comment which receives a second and enough response will make it into the rules. Let’s make this conformity happen!

1. Spoiler-Alerts

1.1 Useage

1.1.1 Twitter

When tweeting a spoiler. Use #Spoiler or #SpoilerAlert at the beginning of the Tweet along with the show’s appropriate hashtag or Twitter denomination. That way, anyone who sees your Tweet in your timeline…can opt not to view it in its entirety.

IE. #SpoilerAlert #HouseOfCards #FU is bad.

1.1.2 Facebook

When your status update includes a spoiler. Annotate it as such at the beginning to include the show. Press enter a couple times, that way someone can choose to read your spoiler or not.

A better rule is to state something generic. “Scandal tonight…wow! Discuss in the comments” Then, IF someone wants to see what the fuss is about…they can…click to the comments…

1.1.3 General Rules of Thumb

If you live in the eastern time zone…understand that the Pacific/Mountain folks haven’t even watched it yet. Don’t be a jerk. It won’t kill you to discuss the show in the comments…or wait a couple hours. Or until the following day.

Bottomline…don’t be a jerk. IF someone tells you they are behind on a show…don’t spoil. It is in bad taste.

When in a discussion, in person, it is polite to inquire whether the person has, indeed, consumed or plans to consume the medium. Again…don’t be a jerk.

1.2 Exemptions

1.2.1 Shows that are dropped all at once (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc.) have a watch cycle of at least 1 month. House of Cards’ current season needs to be watched by March 15 (The Ides of March). After such time, no spoiler-alert is necessary.

1.2.2 Network TV shows have a watch cycle of 1 week.

1.2.3 Movies have a watch cycle of 1 year.

2. Spoilers

2.1 Definition

A spoiler is significant information which indicates a major plot point in a film, TV show, or book which would “spoil” the experience.

Making a joke about a general theme in a show is NOT a spoiler, it is a joke.

Saying something that was in a movie trailer…NOT a spoiler.

Saying something you HOPE happens…NOT a spoiler.

I know what happens to “X” character…NOT a spoiler. via Jim Treacher (@jtLOL)