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We Need to Support Local Candidates

Full disclaimer for those who don’t know: I am running city council in Shelby, OH’s 4th Ward.

A city council race may not seem that sexy to all my friends and relatives but it is vitally important to the people I am fighting to represent.

Our local community of just over 9,300 people is a microcosm of what is happening in communities all across the nation. Whether dealing with aging school buildings, lackluster downtown economies, or our local power plant.

Local governance is where elected officials have the most accountability, it is, by nature, closest to the people. Therefore, it is here where everyday conservative values gain the deepest roots in the hearts and minds of the American people.

Nationally, people loathe big business. But in Shelby, OH, business (any business) is a welcome sight and the for lease/sale signs that litter our once vibrant mainstreet are an everyday reminder that strong pro-business policies are not a nicety or a campaign pledge.

They are vital to our survival.

Here, people understand that the big government policies and their price tags in Columbus and Washington, DC can trickle down to disaster here in our community.

This is where, unlike a state house race or Congressional race, I can shake hands and meet every constituent eye to eye and they can see…not a calloused crusty conservative…but a fellow American who believes that our problems may be big. But our ingenuity is bigger!

It is in the city council chambers across America where the hearts and minds of Americans are won and solid conservative talent can be groomed.

This is why, our movement has to make a serious concerted effort to support the men and women who are fighting these local fights.

So support your local candidates. And I hope that you will consider investing in me. I can knock on doors and I can help win the hearts and minds of my neighbors. But I can’t do it alone. Every dollar in a local campaign goes into the necessary tools for winning…not some media consultant’s pocket. In that sense. It is a sound investment.

Your $10, $20, or even $100 will go to ensuring that the 4th Ward of Shelby, OH will have strong, effective, conservative leadership.

And if you can’t invest treasure, I can definitely use your time and talent too! Please volunteer to do data entry, knock on doors, or make phone calls! Rome wasn’t built by one man. And the hope of future generations can’t be realized by just one man either.

You can volunteer here!

Is that small ball on a national scale? Maybe.

But I won’t let you down.

Please connect with our campaign!


It’s Official. I am Running for City Council.

Today, I sent out the following press release:

Contact: Nathan Martin           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel. 567/224-0583

Cell Phone: 567/224-0583





Nathan Martin filed to run for the 4th Ward City Council seat in Shelby, OH.

The following is his statement:

“I am pleased to announce that I have filed to run to represent the wonderful people of the 4th Ward here in Shelby, OH.

We desperately need good communication, common sense leadership, and community at the forefront today to meet the challenges that are ahead.

I am assembling a committee of residents with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideals to push an electoral agenda that will represent the core principles of the people of Shelby, OH.

I look forward to speaking with my neighbors in the 4th ward, sharing our ideas, and asking each and everyone of them for their vote.”



If you’d like more information or to schedule an interview with Nathan Martin, please call 567/224-0583 or email


I am grateful for the opportunity. Here are some ways that you can connect with me during the campaign:

My Webpage

My Facebook Page

Email Me


Campaign News on this Site

I sincerely look forward to earning your vote and receiving your help!

Presidents’ Day: My Annual Ranking of the Presidents

Everyone has their favorite and not-so favorite Presidents. I decided to rank the Presidents.

As in any ranking, the criteria for ranking them is important. I factored in, what they accomplished, what their legacy has been, and their overall governing philosophy and importance.

This, of course, is subjective. Let me know how you agree or disagree in the comments.

44. Ulysses S. Grant (#18)

Admittedly, a President in difficult times. His handling of reconstruction was dubious. His presidency created the solid democratic south which would last for over one hundred years. Economic strife was rampant. And his term was largely plagued by scandals. Yes, he helped win the Civil War, but this list doesn’t take into account life accomplishments. Unfortunately for him, he and Barack Obama will probably go down fighting for the worst two-term Presidents in US history.

43. Barack Obama (#44)

For the record, it is hard to really place an incumbent in history. But 8% unemployment is the new normal. The DC climate is a far cry from the uniting he promised. And his negotiation skills are best summed up as whiner-in-chief rather than solid leader. The ONLY reason he isn’t #44 is because he will always be remembered as the first black President. Therefore, he will always get a paragraph in every history book from here to the end of the United States. Assuming we make it to a 45th President (I kid. I kid.). IF this list took into account life accomplishments, he would be #44. But it doesn’t. So, he is #43.

42. Jimmy Carter (#39)

He is best known for malaise and a tepid response to the Iranian hostage crisis. The only thing good about Carter’s presidency is that it paved the way for Reagan. And his VP helped ensure that Reagan would be a two term force. But he is now building houses. Yeah him.

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Why I Support #CPAC UPDATE

There is a rather big uproar (mostly fabricated) regarding CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and their decision to not accept GOProud as an sponsor again this year.

Most of the uproar is centered around how CPAC is “banning gays” from the conference. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. And this is really more about GOProud as an organization than it is about many conservative’s sexual orientation.

Of course there is more to the story.

GOProud burst onto the scene in 2009 promising peace, love, and per fiscal conservative happiness. They sold us on being an organization that would coalesce gay conservatives around fiscal conservative values that we all share. They said that they were going to eschew the typical “gay agenda” for more fiscal fare.

In short, they came in with such a flare that it was nothing but a giant eff you to the social conservative wing of the party. And it was touted as such.

Then they started in on gay marriage, don’t ask don’t tell, and DOMA.

Beyond that, they haven’t even really done that much for the movement.

Just take a look at their House endorsements in 2012. The incumbents whom they endorsed averaged a 62.26 on ACU’s scale in 2011. Out of the 17 incumbents they endorsed, only five (5!) scored above 70.

Which leads to an even bigger point. It is said that conservatism is a three-legged stool. With social, fiscal, and national security conservatives in each leg. But reading twitter you wouldn’t think it. You would think that all these fiscal conservatives can just run the movement on their own and get whomever elected without any help from Christian conservatives.

After GOProud burst in like a fifty ton elephant. Major players on the right jumped the CPAC ship. Heritage being among them. And several others. And it wasn’t just about GOProud, they were the proverbial straw. Many conservatives were tired of going through the many booths and finding many questionable sponsors and exhibitors with seemingly very little in the way of vetting.

So, the CPAC leadership decided to vet more closely. Last year, it wasn’t just GOProud who got the “axe.” The John Birch Society did as well. As far as I know, they haven’t been invited back either. I don’t hear a big uproar about how CPAC is banning birchers from attending. Why? Because. Just. Because.

When it comes to my general philosophy about the movement, I am a as long as people are shooting bullets at the enemy…they are on my side.

I have been dodging quite a few bullets from GOProud.

Pardon me if I don’t spend the day threatening boycotts or engaging in hysterics.


I updated the link for the fabrication.

Why is the Media Always Silent?

Big story over at ViralRead about the death of a 29 year old in Maryland due to complications from a late term abortion:

Morbelli died Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in suburban Montgomery County, Md., after undergoing a late-term abortion performed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. Pro-life organizations including Operation Rescue have reported that Morbelli arrived at the clinic late Sunday, Feb. 3, and returned to the clinic for the next three days, including a nine-hour visit on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Morbelli was reportedly rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning and died hours later after suffering “massive internal bleeding,” Operation Rescue reported.

As Stacy McCain has pointed out, there are only 4 countries that allow these operations of death: China, North Korea, Canada, and the United States. Not the greatest company to be in.

The big question is, why the lack of media interest in this?

The answer is, in my opinion a sordid one.

This case displays the true face of abortion in the United States. Not a down on her luck type who was raped and then had a massive burden. She was a married kindergarten teacher who had a planned pregnancy…but she got a “bad test.”

It is sickening. It is wrong. It is selfish. It is sinful.

And it is a effing shame that we don’t put a stop to this practice which, when all the blowhards and emotionalists stop bloating, really comes down to people being selfish.

I have friends who have children with special needs. I have friends who have received those bad tests. But instead of running away chicken from a “problem,” they embraced the fact that God granted them a gift. And their gift just happened to be a little more fragile than others. But that only meant it needed more care not discarded in a dumpster in Maryland.

And that is why the media doesn’t care. It doesn’t fit their narrative that women only have abortions because there is no way that this child could be loved by anyone.

It doesn’t fit the narrative that abortion doctors are kind and compassionate. They aren’t. IF they were a really good doctor, they would be saving lives not destroying them for profit. They do it because it is the only thing in society they are really capable of doing.

There is a parable that says if you get sprayed by a skunk…don’t be mad at the skunk…they spray that is what they do.

We really shouldn’t be so shocked at this story. An abortion doctor killed someone. They kill. That is what they do.

Who we should be upset with is ourselves for allowing the lies to continue to fester that abortion is sometimes needed. Let’s put the animals out of business. Let’s abolish a moral travesty.

Who we should be pissed at is the church who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in defense of the unborn. And let me be clear, giving a sermon once a year around the anniversary is pittance.

Let’s End This Killing Now.

President Obama railed about how the victims of Newtown deserved a vote in Congress. Amazingly…the most innocent and fragile amongst us aren’t allowed to have their vote. Because our Constitution (as interpreted by the Supreme Court) guarantees the right to exterminate them.

Mr. President. These precious souls deserve a vote. They deserve 5th amendment protections.



My SuperBowl Pick

footballAlright, here is hoping that I can at least salvage .500 for the playoffs.

I am entering this weekend 4-5-1 against the spread and 6-4 straight pickem.

In fantasy world, I jumped to 5th out of 28 and the first week completely hosed me. I am hoping to jump some more into the money…

I can only hope. So, without further ado…here is my pick:

San Francisco (-3.5) versus Baltimore

Well. What can I say? I like San Francisco. I like Kaepernick in the dome. I like their defense. And I think the time off will hurt the Ravens. I am thinking 35-24 San Francisco.

My Fantasy Lineup:

QB: Colin Kaepernick

RB: Kendall Hunter, Bernard Pierce

WR: Randy Moss, Torrie Smith

TE: Vernon Davis

PK: Justin Tucker

Def: Baltimore Ravens

Alright, so, what do you think. Who do you have? Sound off!