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A Parasite Kills Its Hostess

It is a sad day for an avowed Twinkie lover…Another victim of this “awesome” economy we have going on…

Here is link to my Facebook conversations on the matter…

So, Hostess is gone. Here are a couple relevant tweets…



So, I will take this time to remember the awesomeness that was…

Deep Fried Twinkies: First had these while at the Iowa State Fair.

Peanut Butter on Twinkies with milk: A little dry? Yes…that is what the milk was for.

Suzie Qs: Hmmmm

The bottomline here…this just goes to show the travesty that is union thinking…instead of taking an 8% cut…they took a 100% cut? Why? Because the union bosses still get paid…that is why. And there is always some other baker/confectioner who believes that they will starve or die if they aren’t breastfed by a union boss.

It is a sad corollary to the entitlement mindset. Those who do have jobs but don’t feel they can negotiate for themselves or that striking is ever a good idea (seriously…if you go on strike for 6 months for a $.50 increase…how long will you have to work to make up that six months?) gravitate towards the state and state like entities. It just doesn’t work. But then again…math isn’t a strong suit for Americans…and in the circle jerk that is the American left, guess who is supposed to teach us math??? Oh that is right. Well at least our stupid children won’t be fat too now that unions have killed their Hostess…

If at First You Don’t Secede…

First. Let’s tamper down the secession talk. I think it has been blown out of proportion by the liberal and conservative media alike.

For those of you who don’t know...”thousands” of Americans want secession. Big whoop. A friend of mine on Facebook (FTR follow/friend him, he is an awesome conservative who one day, God willing will run for office) said it best in his post, so, here is what he posted:

In further evidence of the decline of Americans in basic civics, I’d like to try to clarify something.

No, there is no “movement” for Secession. The White House website has a feature where if you create a petition, and 25,000 people click on it, it will go to the President’s press secretary’s office for “consideration.” As in, consideration whether to write a short summary about the White House’s

opinion on the matter. This is the same feature that is typically preoccupied with UFOs and conspiracy theories.What the President thinks about secession is not law, nor is it relevant. There is no legislation anywhere at the federal level to allow for the withdrawal of states or commonwealths.I only say this because many people seem to equate a dubious Internet petition with an actual movement for serious constitutional upheaval (hint: the last time we tried this, a lot of people with cannons weren’t thrilled with states leaving the Union).To further demonstrate the high level intellect of the American Voter, upon hearing about all the people signing the secession petition, a second group of rabble-rousers immediately petitioned the president to strip the citizenship from anyone who signs the secession petition.

And we wonder why politicians never debate the issues.

Both Scott and I agree that people are “allowed” to enter into such discourse. But I urge strong caution for a few reasons.

Happy Veteran’s Day

REPOST from Memorial Day. Happy Veteran’s Day

Drip. Drip. Drip.

As I stood in the rain on an afternoon in April, my thoughts were on how cold my rain-soaked uniform felt on my weary body as rain drops dripped from my headgear. We had been standing at attention for what seemed like forever.

Usually during these formations, there is a lot of under breath talking and joking. After all, most of the time, we are in these formations for a dog and pony show. This time was different. That morning, when volunteers were asked for to go to an honorable transfer of three of Ohio’s fallen, most of us volunteered. Sure, it would be cold and rainy…but these were our fellow Soldiers and Ohioans. So, in the reverent silence, as we awaited the C-130 carrying our fallen comrades, my mind began to wander to an April seven years ago.

I was stationed in Iraq along the Iranian border. Caldwell actually wasn’t too bad of a place to reside for a year. Our sleeping quarters were in a building with the officers and other members of headquarters and our Area of Operations (AO) was relatively quiet compared to what our brethren were experiencing out west. It was my off day. April 2005. All of a sudden, one Captain told me that there was a firefight going on, and our troops were ambushed. The information was incomplete, but it was enough to get me to get dressed and head in. We knew there were injuries, but we did NOT know how severe or how many. As our Squadron S1 accountability person, it was my job to find out and report to Regiment. After a couple of hours, we found out that they were in a Baghdad hospital and some were serious…there was a death, but the question was who and was it one of ours. We closed down the phone banks and internet service until we could find out. And as I finally got through to the hospital…they were rattling off those injured, I wrote them down… and then SSG Stephen Kennedy…Kilo-India-Alpha. My heart stopped. We had heard a rumor that SSG Kennedy had been killed, but this was final.

As we lined up as a Squadron to pay our final respects by saluting the infamous rifle, boots, and Kevlar it was solemn. A wave of regret over most of us. We now had a debt we couldn’t ever repay. We now had to live as to not taint what he had done for us. RIP SFC Kennedy April 4, 2005 Turki Village, Iraq.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

As the unmistakable hum of the C130 nears where we are, the families are now ushered out joined by the top commanders and the governor. The worse part is seeing the kids…I had resolved not to shed a tear, but that breaks me. My mind flashes back to June 2004 when I said good-bye to my 14 month old. I remember turning to Mandi and saying, “she has no clue what is about to happen.” Neither do those kids. My heart breaks as tears join the endless parade of droplets down my uniform.

As the caskets go by, we salute. It is the ultimate respect. It is a respect that is earned, not by deed, but by position. Regardless of rank, these Soldiers have achieved such a position. They have given us their last full measure of devotion. They have earned everything we have to give.

1…2…3…heroes loaded by an Honor Guard whose performance is so professional, so dignified. As the last hearse pulls away, and as we march back to the air hangar, that feeling comes back.

They gave their service.

They gave their optimism.

They gave their lives.

They gave everything to support and defend this nation built on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

John Adams said, “It will cost us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these states. Yet through all the gloom, I can see rays of ravishing light and glory.  I can see that the end is worth more than all the means.”

What do we owe them for these “rays of ravishing light and glory” burning bright in our hearts?

We owe our service.  We owe our optimism.  We owe our lives.

And that is why we must remember.

RIP CPT Nick Rozanski, MSG Jeffrey Rieck, and MSG Shawn Hannon



Voter Fraud: How We Fight It

I want to preface my post by stating that Obama won the election. He will continue to be our President. I don’t feel he “stole” the election. Even IF we adjusted for the abnormalities in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida… it wouldn’t have made a difference. However, if we don’t work to control the abnormalities…the chances that a future election is tainted is high…

Voter integrity is vital to our Republic. The quickest way to dampen turnout is to make people feel that their vote doesn’t count. Or that the other side will just get the result they want.

A couple of things first: 1. Every eligible voter who registers to vote…should have the opportunity to vote. 2. There is nothing wrong with verifying that an eligible voter is a. eligible b. who they say they are.

Wood county Ohio is back in the new because a miracle happened on Tuesday. 108% of ELIGIBLE voters in the county voted.

Mr. Obama won Wood County in Ohio this year. That’s right, Mr. Obama won the majority of Wood County’s 108% of registered voters. That’s not a typo.

In 2012, 106,258 people in Wood County are registered to vote out of an eligible 98,213.

The national voting participation was down nationwide. But in many areas, the amount of people voting exceeded the eligible population NOT the registered population! Amazing. There were precincts in Cleveland and Philadelphia in which Obama received 100% of the total vote. St Lucie county in Florida also had over 100% participation as well. We have to stop living in denial that people vote who aren’t eligible to vote. It happens. It happens on both sides. A friend of mine went to vote on Tuesday and discovered they weren’t registered. This was caught and they weren’t allowed to vote. Good. But fraud is made a lot easier considering a couple things:

Lack of Photo ID/citizenship verification laws

Only 4 states require photo IDs to vote. To buy alcohol and cigarettes? You need a photo ID. To vote? Nope. Take, for example, Ohio. You need identification, but you only need a utility bill with your name on it. So, if you are a non-citizen who happens to pay a gas bill? You are in. In Florida, they request a photo ID, but if you don’t have one? It is not required.

Early Voting/No Fault Absentee

I loathe early voting. For a variety of reasons. I think there is something special about the whole nation going together on one day and voting. IF you have a reason you can’t vote…you do absentee. Does it require pre-planning? Yes. But this is the most serious thing an adult citizen does in our Republic. Also, this year…hundreds of thousands of Americans voted before the first debate. Not to mention, when it comes to fraud, the states just don’t have the resources and man power to accommodate 30+ days of voting and guard the integrity of the election. Also, for people who hate that campaigns cost so much money. Remember the GOTV efforts for 30+ days cost a lot more than 72 hours. And the extended voting means that ad buys have to be done sooner and more robust to catch voters before they vote. Can’t we all agree that if an eligible voter can’t fill out a basic registration form, present proof of identity and citizenship, and can’t drag themselves to the polls on election day (one day every 4 years for the Presidential election) they probably shouldn’t be voting.

Military Voting

Each military installation and station overseas (even in war zones) have secure internet that can handle voting. Why don’t we do this? We have the ability to sign in with our IDs and do briefings. How hard is it to just allow electronic voting through secure channels?

Voter Roll Integrity

People die, people move, people move then die. When these things happen, they should be removed from the voter rolls. The problem is that secretary of state doesn’t always receive the death certificates (especially if you die in another state) and people who move typically just register to vote in their new state but that information doesn’t get to the old state. Also, students are not, by definition, permanent residents. That is what happened in Wood county, it is a college town. A lot of those students who voted there are not eligible to do so…but they do…

I feel that we should oppose early voting, make photo IDs mandatory for voting, put systems in place to determine citizenship of voters, and allow states to communicate freely about voter rolls (they aren’t currently allowed to). This would ensure fair elections without controversy.


The Other McCain talks about these statistical improbabilities. (Note: You can’t spell statistical without statist)

He Links Dan Collins

Lessons Learned: What This All Means

Looking over the exit poll data this morning and I am pretty depressed at what I am seeing. But first, let’s look at the numbers.


John McCain: 2,677,820

Mitt Romney: 2,571,539

Barack Obama: 2,672,302


John McCain: 1,725,005

Mitt Romney: 1,745,397

Barack Obama: 1,852,123


John McCain: 4,045,624

Mitt Romney: 4,083,321

Barack Obama: 4,129,360


John McCain: 1,073,584

Mitt Romney: 1,105,491

Barack Obama: 1,210,464

All Mitt Romney had to do was match John McCain’s vote in Ohio. Yes, there is some population shifting out of the state. But the tale of the tape is the field offices. Mitt Romney had 41. Barack Obama had 131. In Virginia, he had twice as many and in Florida he had 3 times as many there too. GOP victory centers are shared resources among all the candidates. Obama’s field offices were primarily Obama field offices that allowed other candidates to use. As the GOP, we have to do some soul searching on its grassroots operations. Yes, it is an expensive resource. But, there was $4 billion dollars spent on this election cycle…they could have made it work. I have been advocating for this sort of network since 2006. Unfortunately, it appears that democrats get it.

Now to the depressing stuff.

A Shallow Electorate

Exit polls show us that 15%! of the electorate said that Hurricane Sandy was the most important factor in their voting. Really?! Benghazi? Economy? No. A picture of Obama hugging it out with Chris Christie. Forget the fact that Bob Woodward’s book shows that the President acted like a petulant child when the GOP wanted to get a debt deal done. Forget that every major piece of legislation he passed was done with no bipartisan support. Nope, one picture is all they needed to know about his bipartisanship.

Single Women

The issue that Mitt Romney had with women really came down to contraception. Not amongst married women but single women. There are now more single women in America as a percentage than any time in history and they broke heavily for Barack Obama. 68%-30%. For all of us pro-lifers out there looking for a bright spot…this aint one of them. Barack Obama was the first Presidential candidate in history to openly run on protecting planned parenthood, free contraception, and taxpayer funded abortions… But free contraception was elevated as a holy grail for women. Married women resented that the campaign thought that was all that mattered to them. Single women proved the Obama campaign’s resources were warranted. I thought it was a dunce move. I was wrong. I suppose I had too much faith in the electorate.

The Economy

This was the number one issue in election. Amazingly, people actually think the economy is getting better. It is amazing what quantitative easing will do. Artificially inflates the stock market while inflating prices of goods and services. For those who thought the country was headed in the wrong direction, Mitt Romney still only won 51% of that vote. This elevates two things. 1. The Mitt Romney campaign did not do an effective enough job convincing the American people that his plan would benefit all Americans. He did have a plan. If you watched any of the debates, you can probably recite his five step plan. It was a plan signed off on by many economic Nobel Laureates and it made sense. But Obama was able to define Romney early as someone who just cared for rich people. The truth didn’t matter. For example, Romney’s plan actually would have increased the higher earners amounts paid to the federal government while lowering rates. And middle income Americans would have had the advantage of the rate cuts. Doesn’t matter. Perception is reality. And the Obama campaign poured over $12 million into Ohio in June to paint this picture…people just didn’t see him as affable. Amazing that is what matters most. Also, dimwits still blame Bush for the economy. Fannie and Freddie are still unaccountable, but it doesn’t matter. Americans have their straw man and they will beat the living crap out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 2016, we are still hearing these morons complain about Bush.

The Media

Most Americans don’t trust the media. BUT the egregiousness of the media coverage these last three months is what they decided NOT to cover or talk about. Benghazi. CBS hid transcripts for 3 weeks only releasing them during Hurricane Sandy, Martha Crowley, falsely, “fact checked” Mitt Romney in the debate at what was a pivotal moment, zero answers from the administration. He successfully ran out the clock to the election. Only 5% of the electorate cared about foreign policy. Our embassy was sacked. Our ambassador was killed and the administration’s response was…we will talk about it after we win.


We discovered a couple things we already knew: Jews only give lip service to Israel. Catholics really don’t care about the teachings of their church. Obama won both of these groups. 70% of the Jewish vote and 50% of the Catholic vote. Evangelicals went heavily for Mitt, but less so than previous years. This means that the demagoguery surrounding Mitt’s faith had an affect on the electorate. How much? It is impossible to tell. But it did have an affect.

I Want to Feel Good!

We have long known that people are stupid. Dave Ramsey talks about people with tens of thousands in credit card debt that they got because the credit card company “accepted” them. The same can be said about politics. How in God’s name did FDR get 4 terms!? The Depression got worse. His policies failed. But, Americans blamed Hoover not FDR. And his pitches and talks were one of comfort and distraction not substance. He offered hope not solutions. The same can be said for this President. The unemployment rates among blacks and minorities are catastrophic. Doesn’t matter. Union workers have lost a record amount of jobs…no worries, my union rep told me Romney is bad.


There is zero reason why Hispanics aren’t Republican voters. They share the same social values, they are more likely to have children and be married, they are an extremely entrepreneurial group as well. I think that we can have a common sense immigration policy and if we do so, we can make heavy end roads into this demographic. We have to. We can’t just hope that white people come out to vote in droves. Even when Barack Obama is gone and the dems go back to running northeastern males. I have long stated that we need to build new Ellis Islands in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas and start processing paperwork for citizenship. This way, we also have a good way to enforce standards of who enters. We want and need the best and the brightest.

The bottomline is that Americans chose Barack Obama. He is now my President for another four years. Let’s just hope that we can better educate the electorate on our ideas going forward…or else “forward” is all we are going to get.

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