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O My! A Case for Practicing Self-Governance

Each Thursday, I ask a question on my Facebook page. This week it was about the Obamacare ruling.


That was my reaction. I was under the distinct impression that the Supreme Court’s responsibility was to rule on the merits of the case not “preserve the reputation of the court.”

This is a loss because by all accounts, Chief Justice Roberts succumbed to political pressure. A laughingstock of jurisprudence.

As I stated about Federalism earlier, waiting for a Justice to rule isn’t a good self-governance philosophy. A sentiment echoed by Stacy McCain.

Politically, this decision has likely galvanized conservatives and moderates to the right. And not for the reasons you think.

Self-governance is like a trapeze artist. While having to hone their craft so they don’t fall. They don’t have to work SO hard at it because they have a net. In the history of all mankind, no country or group of people have had such a strong safety net as we do. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not only a strong safety net, but it is 10 feet below us.

A great net makes for lazy citizens. That is what we have become.

But, with each ruling or Presidential usurping of authority or bad policies on both sides of the aisle, our net has been made weak. This makes us citizens have to hone our craft more.

And we will! We have to or risk going splat on the pavement of humanity along with our ancestors who became lazy when their posterity needed them most!!!!

WTF?! (Where’s the Federalism)

The Supreme Court is set to rule on Obamacare on Thursday. I was hopeful that Thursday’s ruling would be favorable for conservatives. However, this court has had as much of an appetite for limiting the federal government as Michael Moore has for greens and sugar free ice cream.

In the Arizona case, it has been argued that the Federal government actually back pedaled on the 10th amendment. Something that I didn’t know was possible considering that for all intents and purposes, we needn’t have the tenth amendment.

Honestly, if the court upholds Obamacare in any meaningful way…we are screwed.

And I am not talking about our healthcare. If the Roberts court doesn’t curtail the commerce clause, the Feds killing grandma will be the least of our concerns.

Our Republic (we still do have a Republic right?) is founded on several governing principles, the least of which isn’t: The most effective governing happens closest to the people.

This first principle of self-governance is so vital to the success of our Republic that every other issue fails in comparison. Here are just a few examples:

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Property Taxes are Evil: Answer to Thursday’s Question

On Thursdays, I ask a question on my Facebook Page meant to illicit a healthy conversation on policy. I also re-post on my personal FB wall as well. I then write a blog post with my answer to the question.

So, without further ado… Which tax would you eliminate if given the chance? Property, Sales, or Income? Why?

First, the answers others gave were very interesting. A couple people said none of the above. This response surprised me, as even people who don’t mind taxes usually have one boogeyman they want to destroy. Everyone else who answered, answered with income tax. This didn’t surprise me as well. The FairTax effort has made the income tax out to be the scourge of the earth at the Federal level. Many people have bought into this (I am a skeptic) and they are rather evangelistic.

My answer falls out of that scope. To appropriately look at each tax, I asked three questions:

Is the tax cost-effective?

Is it fair and equitable?

Does it interact well with our modern economy?

After looking at the question through this prism, my answer is the property tax. In fact, it wasn’t even close.

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Going Retna: What the New Apple Screen Means for Bloggers

I don’t often curse. But when I do, it is in awe at an Apple Store.

Seriously, the retna display is a game-changer. In fact, Apple really has done for the web what 720p did for cable. Force other people to change content for consumption.

As I have seen in multiple places, HERE, HERE, and HERE the web is generally pixelated in places. It isn’t abhorrent as some have made it out to be. BUT websites that are “retna ready” will pop like an HD channel. AND if you have an HD tv you dont like to settle for the lower channels. (A minor annoyance for me is when my wife DVRs in standard def. Why would she do such a thing!?)

That said, for us bloggers who have WordPress sites, WordPress is phenomenal in Retna!

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Who is Jesus to Dads? And why the question matters…

My pastor, Bruce Philippi of Journey Life Center, gave a very good sermon today on men being courageous.

Normally a father’s day message in modern church is a list of how we have failed our wives…and…well, it basically is a suck-up message to women. From a sermon standpoint, we might as well call it Mother’s Day part Deux. Mother’s day is about how awesome women are. Father’s day is about how much work men need to do.

However, this Sunday was different. Pastor opened with a phenomenal question:

Do you view Jesus as William Wallace or Mother Theresa?

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The Clucking Hen Society on Facebook: Updating Godwin’s Law

Godwin’s law states that eventually every argument online will eventually get to the point where one side invokes a Hitler metaphor and at that point, there is no real reason to continue debating.

I would like to update this law to have a “clucking hens” addendum for Facebook:

Eventually every Facebook debate on entitlements will turn into an Oprah support group of pure emotion and at that point, it is worthless to inject reason.

I encountered this this last week as a debate over food stamps raged on my Facebook wall. You can see that whole conversation HERE.

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Blogger Day of Silence: #BrettKimberlin

Stacy McCain reminds us what this day is all about:

When Ace announced the Day of Silence, many bloggers were mystified: “Silence? Isn’t that what Brett Kimberlin wants?” Exactly, which is why every blogger participating in this protest — Andrew J. Patrick just joined our ranks — will write one post about the Day of Silence and nothing else all day.

The point is to call for congressional action, as Ace said: “They are our representatives; we would like some representation.”

My new Congressman is Bob Gibbs, his office number is (202) 225-6265 and I am sure he would love to hear from you regarding the travesty that is Brett Kimberlin.

So, even though I already posted at 1 am. I am participating in today to show my solidarity.

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